Welcome to the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is a great place to live and do business. There are limitless opportunities here in the islands. Sta-Mar Enterprises is a well established brokerage and shipping business, operating from Grand Cayman, and are always happy to assist you with all of Your customs clearance, moving and shipping needs.

Shopping for yourself and your family or small business

If you are shopping overseas (US, GB, Canada, China), we can offer great rate on forwarding from Miami to Cayman. We run a weekly ocean forwarding service with the lowest rates on the islands. There is no sign up fees or membership payments of any sort. You can find more information on the rates, timelines, as well as, our Miami delivery address in the document attached. Also, check out our ads on the Ecay Trade website for daily deals and featured retailers. Malvar Doc Information on our air forwarding service is accessible at www.usa2ucayman.com

Take the stress out of moving. We will take care of all your relocation needs

Shipping cargo for a conference in Cayman Islands

Sta-Mar Enterprises specialize in customs clearance for the various conferences held in Cayman Islands. Make us your One Stop Shop. We can arrange for forwarding from Miami, customs clearance, Temporary Permit and Duty waivers and delivery to your ultimate location on the island. We want to save you and your business money by offering the most knowledgeable advice and efficient service. If any cargo needs to be returned to the home company, Sta-Mar will be happy to find the best way to ship the items back, making sure to meet your timelines and shipping budget.

Relocating to the Islands

Now that you have made the decision to move to the Cayman Islands, what do you do next? You might have some questions about bringing your personal belongings: clothes, documents, tools for work, furniture, cars to the island. Sta-Mar Customs Specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the local customs procedures, duty rates and various shipping options available. You can find some general customs information and basic customs forms as attached. We want you to feel comfortable to give us a call or send Sta-Mar an email with any questions you might have at any time. Declaration of Unaccompanied Effects
Import Write Up

Bringing in a car from Overseas

Whether you are looking to purchase a new car online in Japan or bring your own from home, Sta-Mar Enterprises can price out, clear and license any vehicle for you. Have a look at our import duty calculator to figure out the pricing for bringing down a vehicle you need.