We can work together:

✔ Importing anything required to start a business: equipment, supplies, inventory, promotional materials, etc.

You know exactly what you need to start your own business. Sta Mar knows how to get it to you. We can get any type of cargo (from perishable foods and live plants to large industrial equipment) to you just when to need it.

✔ Consolidation Service

We are happy to help you with consolidating the supplies and inventory from various suppliers into one shipment to minimize your shipping expanse and, in turn, import duty. We offer this service out of our warehouse conveniently located in Miami, FL.

Take the stress out of moving. We will take care of all your relocation needs

Forwarding Items for Repair

At some point through the course of your business, you might need to send your items overseas. Some articles might need to go out on warranty repair or it could be a completed product traveling to its final customer. Sta Mar Enterprises can help with packages small and large. We will offer the right service based on your budget and timelines.

Duty exemption and Temporary Import Documentation for Special Events

Customs has special provisions for bringing in merchandise duty free for conferences and various promotional events. Goods, which are temporarily imported for a specified period (not normally exceeding six months), may be eligible for duty free importation, subject to certain conditions, which may include a deposit of duty or a guarantee to cover the duty at risk. Sta Mar will determine whether your items are eligible for the temporary import status. We will make further arrangements accordingly.

Negotiable Brokerage Fees

Our brokerage fees and trucking rates are negotiable and can be lowered based on the frequency, consistency and volume of business we do together.