Providing Great Value for All Your Local and International Shipping Needs

We are the Cayman’s most trusted freight forwarders and customs brokers. Our experienced service team has been providing top-quality services to our clients. If you are moving to Cayman Islands, then do contact us. We can help you. Our company offer services such as customs clearance, white glove delivery services, duty classifications, and other related services at competitive rates. Hurry up and contact us.

If you are shipping to Cayman Islands, we can help you with:

✔ Customs Clearance

Don’t waste time in customs line-up or struggling with customs paperwork, we can clear your cargo quickly and efficiently. We have been in forwarding business for over 40 years and have perfected the process of clearing cargo in Cayman Islands.

✔ Duty Classifications and Advancement

Sta-Mar Enterprises are duty experts. We will work out the appropriate duty tariff for each of the items you are bringing in. We will submit the customs paperwork accordingly. The duty charges will be advanced by our office on your behalf and will be payable on the day of or prior to delivery. Feel free to contact us with any of your question regarding import duty. We are happy to help.

Island-wide Delivery

We will deliver the goods to your home or work address anywhere on the island, no matter how big or small. You can also pick up your belongings from our office at Dorcy Drive if you wish.

Uncrating, Unpack and Unwrap of Your Goods in Your Home

Our delivery service includes uncrating, unpacking, and unwrapping the items. We place the goods on a nearest flat service: floor, table or shelving. We can also complete basic assembly or beds and table etc. The delivery service is charges hourly at a rate of US$50 per hour per man.

White Glove Delivery Service

We can also offer an upgrade to our regular delivery service. The white glove or maid service would include putting items away in closets and dishes in the kitchen cupboards, etc. This service is available for an additional fee.

Storage Arrangements

If your items have arrived, but you have not finalized your living arrangement, we can arrange for your goods to be stored at a facility of your choice. We will suggest several great warehousing facilities on island to use for that purpose.

Lowest Brokerage Fees

We charge an ultra-low brokerage fee of only 5% of the total fees and services on your destination invoice (min US$50).

Take the stress out of moving. We will take care of all your relocation needs